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Date Title (Click to WATCH)
05/12/2019 Congratulations
05/05/2019 What a Catch!
04/28/2019 In the Age of Superheroes…
04/21/2019 Summer is Almost Here!
04/14/2019 A Horrible Day for Christ…
04/07/2019 God Never Changes…
03/31/2019 Who Will You Invite?
03/24/2019 Quality Time in Spring Time
03/17/2019 Going Green!
03/10/2019 Demo Day!


Next Sunday we honor our High School Grads!

What a Catch!

So many things BETTER than sushi happening around here this summer!

In the Age of Superheroes…

…Jesus is the ultimate End Game! But here at church, we’re not playing around!

Summer is Almost Here!

Sign-up for all things kids related April 28th

A Horrible Day for Christ…

…Was a Good Friday for us. Join us for the most meaningful communion of the year at 7pm.

God Never Changes…

…but we sure do! So try and keep up, we got lots of new stuff this week.

Who Will You Invite?

This Easter, prayerfully consider who you will invite.

Quality Time in Spring Time

Dads, be sure to sign up for the Father-son-Retreat and make some awesome memories!

Going Green!

So many great things happening this spring!

Demo Day!

The children/youth bathrooms are getting new tile, but we NEED you to demo the old stuff first!

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