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03/10/2019 Demo Day!
03/03/2019 Be Social!
02/24/2019 The Real Truth is…
02/17/2019 Texas is AWESOME!
02/10/2019 God’s Church is Timeless…
02/03/2019 A Little Birdy Told us…
01/27/2019 It’s Bible Study Time!
01/20/2019 The Time is Right Now!
01/13/2019 No “Mansplaining” Here!
01/06/2019 What’s New in 2019?

Demo Day!

The children/youth bathrooms are getting new tile, but we NEED you to demo the old stuff first!

Be Social!

Like, follow, and subscribe to all our church media!

The Real Truth is…

…that the Revolution Weekend for our youth is amazing!

Texas is AWESOME!

BUT we worship a TRULY awesome God!

God’s Church is Timeless…

…and apparently Tom Brady is ageless! but we too try to adapt and improve more each year too.

A Little Birdy Told us…

…that Pastor Steve is Tweeting again! follow @PastorWashburn

It’s Bible Study Time!

Women’s Bible studies starting up in 3 weeks! sign-up online TODAY!

The Time is Right Now!

You’ve binge-watched your favorite Netflix shows, and now you can binge-watch the Bible!

No “Mansplaining” Here!

Men, guys, dudes, and even gentlemen, come and hang for your Bible study starting up!

What’s New in 2019?

Not much yet! but break-time is over and we’re back in gear!

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