Connection Points

It’s Cold, but Things are Heating Up!

Student Winter Retreat in 1 week! and many more things in 2018.

Merry Christmas!

Have a great Christmas and let’s look forward to what God will do in 2018!

Ready for Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve! One combined regular 11am service (no Grow Groups) and a special Candle Light Service at 6pm

We Can’t Wait Till Christmas!

So much to look forward to this season, so why not have a little fun in the process?

The Christmas Flurry

A myriad of Christmas opportunities! Caroling! Concert! Cafe! Shopping Day!

You Ready to Box-it-up & Celebrate?

Sunday, the 19th is OCC Celebration Sunday, so let’s get our shoe-boxes packed up!

A Lot Going on This Season!

Operation Christmas Child Sunday, Senior Adults Fellowship, Donating Turkeys, Christmas Cafe, Community Connect… …now take a breath!

Don’t Sleep in TOO Much

Don’t forget that Daylight savings is next Sunday, Nov. 5th

Invite anyone & Everyone!

The Harvest Festival is a great opportunity to get people to connected to a church.

Start a Unique Experience!

The Family experience resource will help parents of all ages pass down their faith.

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