1 Min Walkbacks

Being a Mom means leaving a Legacy!

Matt downing talks about the spiritual legacy his grandmother and mother instilled in him.

Our Miracles: God’s Business!

John Woods shares about the Miracle on Ice from the 1980 Winter Olympics and how we can STILL believe in REAL Miracles today

Our Ideal: Fear and Favor

Daniel McGinty shares a dinnertime story to illustrate the tension of fear and favor.

When in Doubt: Share Your Story!

Matt Downing encourages us to think about how our season of doubt might be a story of hope for someone else.

The Resurrected Jesus: His Power in YOU!

John Woods talks about how Jesus Power can impact your life today.

Worshiping Jesus: See the Signs?

Tom Cottar braves some thunderstorms to talk about missed signs for Jesus and asks: where do YOU see Jesus?

Our Beginning: Can YOU be a Barnabas?

Daniel McGinty shares about the “Barnabases” in his life that helped him through his own season of change. 

Our Conversion: Tell Your Story

Matt Downing shares his story about how he came to follow Christ.

Our Calling: Have you Answered it?

John Woods makes some music references to remind us all of our calling.

Our Expansion: What’s Fair?

Daniel McGinty invites us to think about what is fair VS unfair, when it comes to the expansion of the gospel.

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