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Journey Week

Journey Week

With the cancelling of our Camp and our Mission Trip plans due to COVID-19, we want to still provide an AMAZING opportunity for your student to grow in their spiritual journey with Christ and to enjoy the journey with other students, even if it is virtually and “socially distant”!! We are calling this week JOURNEY WEEK, and it promises to bring many of the elements students have come to expect and enjoy each summer (worship, fun recreation, incredible Bible teaching, mission opportunities, and meaningful church group times) in a virtual setting and for free!

Students will begin each morning with a Livestream msg, followed by a personal devotion and the chance for students to serve their family, neighbors, and their community! Add to that, a physical visit/game time with a ministry leader in the afternoon and a ZOOM social hour, virtual worship and teaching in the evenings. It all culminates in a physical group celebration at the church on Wednesday night! This promises to be a phenomenal week that your student will not want to miss!


9:45 am– ZOOM kickoff to Journey Week/Orientation
7:00 pm– Evening Worship & Teaching
9:00 pm– Share Time on ZOOM


9:00 am– LIVESTREAM– Morning Teaching & Devotion
10:00 am– PROJECT SERVE Mission Opportunities
11:30 am-2:30 pm– Driveway Drop-Ins
3:00-5:00 pm– ZOOM Social Hour
7:00 pm– Evening Worship & Teaching
9:00 pm– Share Time on ZOOM


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DAY ONE (MONDAY) – Home Mission Opportunity

  • Do a BIG chore without being asked (clean your room or a bathroom, do some lawn work, do laundry– wash/fold/ actually put away!, give your pet a bath, wash and vacuum the family car, etc)– something that would be a blessing to your family!
  • Prepare, set-up and clean up a family dinner on your own!
  • Give your parents a break by taking care of younger siblings and actually engaging with them (not just putting them in front of a TV/computer/device)!
  • Call/write a family member you don’t see often.
  • Write a note of appreciation to your parents for all they do for you!

DAY 2 (TUESDAY) – Neighborhood Mission Opportunity

  • Do a prayer walk around your neighborhood. As you walk, pray for people in the houses, and pray for your school, your church, country, our leaders.
  • Bake something and secretly deliver it to a neighbor.
  • Deliver bottled waters to anyone out working in the yard, or walking. Make sure to wear a mask and keep your distance.
  • Write a note of encouragement and appreciation to your neighbor you may know. Introduce yourself to a neighbor you’ve never even met!
  • Do a random chore for a neighbor that might be a surprise blessing to them– but keep it a secret!

DAY 3 (WEDNESDAY) – Community Mission Opportunity

  • Send an appreciation letter to a teacher, coach, or someone else!
  • Clean up your neighborhood, school, park, or other area. Bring a trash bag and gloves to pickup trash around where you live.
  • Send an email or text your Pastor to encourage them.
  • Create a Get Well card for a sick child to deliver to the Dell Children’s Hospital.
  • Take some cookies (or donuts) to deliver to the Police and let them know how much you appreciate them!

COVID-19 Updates

Sunday morning worship will be online & In-person for August 2nd. Other regular in-person activities are still suspended indefinitely.

Please visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for more details.