Who Do You Admire?

Matt Downing walks through the office and asks the staff: “Who do you admire for their strength of character?”

Will You Follow Your Good Shepherd?

Daniel McGinty shares a hiking story with his dad to illustrate the challenges of following our Good Shepherd.

Am I Teachable?

Tom Cottar shares a story from high school that reminds us that if Jesus’ teaching is going to rescue us, we need to be teachable.

Take Courage!

Matt Downing reflects on how our students faced a scary task with courage: sharing your faith with strangers!

What’s YOUR Fear?

Daniel McGinty goes behind the scenes in the church office to ask the guys: “what is your most irrational fear?”

Giving IS Encouragement

Daniel McGinty shares how when his AC went out, someone encouraged and helped his family in a big way.

Our Expansion is no Coincidence!

Tom Cottar shares about his divine appointment that brought him and his family to Pflugerville. 

Being a Mom means leaving a Legacy!

Matt downing talks about the spiritual legacy his grandmother and mother instilled in him.

Our Miracles: God’s Business!

John Woods shares about the Miracle on Ice from the 1980 Winter Olympics and how we can STILL believe in REAL Miracles today

Our Ideal: Fear and Favor

Daniel McGinty shares a dinnertime story to illustrate the tension of fear and favor.