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On this day we remember that Jesus is the headline in our heart, and set aside the news that can be so troublesome.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Living With Eternity in View

We are built by God to be future oriented. -Rick Randall

1 Peter 2:9-12

The Hour That Changes the World

Have you ever imagined yourself being able to pray for an hour?

Matthew 26:40-41

Are You Ready to Pray?

Our prayers are like a sweet incense to our heavenly father.

Revelations 5:8

Waiting for Christmas

What can we learn from looking at Simeon and Anna in the Christmas Story?

Luke 2

Christmas Concert

We celebrate the amazing wonder of God dwelling among men to save us. 

The Value of Reading the Bible

As we look at the Psalms we can see just how critical it is to commit to reading God’s word faithfully.

Psalms 119

Choosing Gratefulness

As we celebrate the joy spreading across the globe through Operation Christmas Child, let’s cultivate a heart of gratitude.

COVID-19 Updates

Sunday morning worship and Grow Groups will be online & in-person for October 18th. Both music services will be meeting. Other regular in-person activities are slowly resuming.

Please visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for more details.