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ONE Service - TWO Music Options

Traditional Praise Music

Meets in Multipurpose Building
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Worship with our full choir and orchestra and one of the best traditional music programs in the city.

Deaf interpretation is available.

Contemporary Praise Music

Meets in Worship Center
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Worship with the 2nd Mile praise band, who do an excellent job of engaging with a modern audience without it feeling like a rock concert. Fun, energetic, and contemplative.


Everyone comes together for preaching in the Worship Center

Grow Groups

Preschool Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Babies (0-6 months) Preschool Staff Bldg B-6
Babies (7-12 months) Preschool Staff B 7
1 Year Olds Brandon & Jennifer DeVries/ James & Katie Golden B 1
2 Year Olds Angela St. Clair/ Jessica Shoemaker/ Monica Beltran B 2
3 Year Olds Lori & Chris Melton/ Evan and Kandi Zoss C 3
4 Year Olds Jennith & Wes McCarty C 1
Kindergarten Wally Wingfield/ Christie Smith C 9/10
Children Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
1st Grade Susan Miller Smith / Dawn Grimes C 7/8
2nd Grade Cheryl Moffett / Jennifer Woods C 11/12
3rd & 4th Grade Ann Schubert / Bobbie Durkee / and Audra Lucas C 14
5th & 6th Grade Michael & Amanda Beatty / Orion & Inna Shanahan C 20/22
Middle School Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
7th Girls Deborah Rogers Swain Student Ctr.
7th Boys Aaron Rogers/ Shelby Shellenberger Swain Student Ctr.
8th Girls Terri Shellenberger/ Annie Krawcyzk Swain Student Ctr.
8th Boys Aaron Rogers/ Shelby Shellenberger Swain Student Ctr.
High School Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
9th Girls Kelly Reagan Swain Student Ctr.
9th Boys Mark Reagan/ Reece Amaro Swain Student Ctr.
10th Girls Tonya Mathews/ Melodie Downing Swain Student Ctr.
10th Boys Steve Swain/ Sean Mathews Swain Student Ctr.
11th Girls Michelle Swain Swain Student Ctr.
11th Boys Mark Hutchinson Swain Student Ctr.
12th Girls Kim Amaro Swain Student Ctr.
12th Boys Felix Amaro Swain Student Ctr.
Singles Grow Group
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Singles (ages 30+) Wible & McGinty Lancaster House Annex 1
Adult Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Family Dept. 1 Wes & Jessica Pryor Gunter/Pryor Fellowship Hall
Family Dept. 2 Aaron Nelson/ Jimmy Clanin Nelsen / Shellenberger Fellowship Hall
Family Dept. 3 Jeremiah Cheney Walker / Beatty Fellowship Hall
Adults 40-55 Fiebig Stallings / Lewis House Annex 2
Adults 45-60 Woodward Ruiz / Holder House Annex Main
Adults 55-70 Small Carlson / Small WC East
Adults 55+ Gault Dean MPB 2
Single Moms Northen Reagan/White WC West
Ladies 4 (60+) Kirkland Fletcher MPB 7
Adults 45-70 Steiniger Hamilton / Flectcher /Sanders Choir Suite
Adults 45-60 Bell /LaGrone Grimes / LaGrone MPB 5
Adults 50-65 (Deaf Interp.) Carter Studebaker MPB 1
Ladies 55+ Walden J Hankins MPB Main, SE corner
Adults 65+ A King Jernt/Parker MPB Main, SW corner
Adults 65+ B Leathers Leathers MPB 6
Adults 70+ A Bosworth Killingsworth MPB 4
Adults 70+ B Jennings / Horton Grimes MPB 8
Adults 70+ C Shelton Hansen / Hearin / Shelton MPB 0
Spanish-Speaking Medina MPB 2

AWANA (September – May)

Awana is a bible club that helps equip boys and girls to know, serve, and follow God through Scripture memory, missions, music, and fun interactive activities and themes.

4:45 - 6:30pm

Joy Ringers 

Joy ringers is our Bell ensemble. If you want to get connected, contact Sallie Northen

5:00 - 6:00pm

DEEPER – In home Bible study 

DEEPER, for Youth, grades 7th-12th, is a fantastic way to grow deeper in your walk with Christ in a chill environment. 

6:30 - 8:30pm

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study

Child care is available for infants – 2 years

6:15 - 7:00pm

Preschool and Children Childcare

Please contact John Woods if you have any questions and want to utilize this opportunity.  

6:00 - 7:00pm

Mid-Week Students

Mid-Week Students is for Grades 7th-12th and come knowing you will have a lot of fun and be encouraged in your walk with Christ. For more details about the Youth Ministry program, visit:

7:00 - 8:15pm

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Meets in the Choir Suite located on the north side of Sanctuary Bldg. Child care is available. Call the church office for more details, 512-251-3052.

7:00 - 8:30pm

Orchestra Rehearsal

Meets in the East Room of the Worship Center. For more information about joining the orchestra, contact Daniel in the church office, 512-251-3052.

7:30 - 8:30pm

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