Connection Points

We Can’t Wait Till Christmas!

So much to look forward to this season, so why not have a little fun in the process?

The Christmas Flurry

A myriad of Christmas opportunities! Caroling! Concert! Cafe! Shopping Day!

You Ready to Box-it-up & Celebrate?

Sunday, the 19th is OCC Celebration Sunday, so let’s get our shoe-boxes packed up!

A Lot Going on This Season!

Operation Christmas Child Sunday, Senior Adults Fellowship, Donating Turkeys, Christmas Cafe, Community Connect… …now take a breath!

Don’t Sleep in TOO Much

Don’t forget that Daylight savings is next Sunday, Nov. 5th

Invite anyone & Everyone!

The Harvest Festival is a great opportunity to get people to connected to a church.

Start a Unique Experience!

The Family experience resource will help parents of all ages pass down their faith.

Be a House of Light!

This fall we have some big decisions to make!

Here’s your Opportunity

Pastor Steve has an important message about how you can Love Big, and Live Bold this Fall.

Education Connection!

Education Connection is a great way to help kids learn to read, be sure to come to the training!

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