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Better Together: “Our Expansion”

God uses us to expand His Kingdom.

Acts 10:1-26

Mother’s Day: “Being a Mom…”

Being a Godly mom means leaving a Godly legacy.

2 Timothy 1:5

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Better Together: “Our Miracles”

God still does miracles – if we are willing to receive them.

Acts 9:32-43

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Better Together: “Our Ideal”

God has given us this goal toward which to strive.

Acts 9:31

When in Doubt…

Did Doubting Thomas really deserve his name? Was he really a “Doubter”?

John 20:19-31

Easter: “The Resurrected Jesus”

Easter gives us an encouraging new perception of Jesus.

Matthew 28:1-10

Palm Sunday: “Worshiping Jesus”

Jesus worshiping is always a triumphant thing to do.

Matthew 21:1-11

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Better Together: “Our Beginning”

The beginning of our lives as Christ followers should share some common characteristics.

Acts 9:19-30

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Better Together: “Our Conversion”

Our conversion into following Christ marks a completely new life.

Acts 9:1-18

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Better Together: “Our Calling”

Jesus has called us to talk to others about Him.

Acts: 8:26-38

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