SUNDAY, Jan. 23rd:
11:00am Worship, Online & In-person
9:30am Grow Groups

The Humble Church Pt.5

We can find joy when we run with Christ’s mission across the the finish line.

Is it Too Early to Talk Spring?
Connection Points

Is it Too Early to Talk Spring?

Lots of great opportunities coming down the pipe for our youth in the spring, so do not miss a thing by subscribing to our church newsletter.

Ep. 33: “Breaking Resolutions and Worldviews”
Thursdays Podcasts

Ep. 33: “Breaking Resolutions and Worldviews”

Matt and McGinty introduce a new segment, resolve to read road signs, and Wes unpacks the impact of an unbiblical worldview.

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Recent Updates

Due to water leaks on campus, the Pastor Discussion session for Saturday has been cancelled and changes have been made to the Sunday morning schedule. Please visit for more details.