Mission Work

Melissa Salinas

Taiwan Mission Trip: July 3-23, 2015

From Melissa:

Church Family!

I will be departing from the DFW airport Thursday, July 3rd at 7am and will be returning July 23 at 1pm. We have an 11 hour layover in LA and then a 14 hour flight to Taiwan. There is 13 members of our team so please be praying for safe travels! When we arrive in Taiwan the first week we will be working with True Love Baptist Church in Taoyuan City. In the mornings our team will be working with elementary aged kids at a VBS like camp. And in the afternoon our team has planned a camp for middle school aged kids.

I ask that you will be praying for soften hearts and understanding as the gospel will be hear for the first time by many families and children. The second week we will be working with a different church in Taipei, doing the same VBS like camp for children. This second week my team will also have the opportunity to spend some time loving on kids at an orphanage. I am thankful for all the support that y’all have given me finically and prayerfully. Prayers are always appreciated!

Melissa Salinas

Sheila McCraken

Peru Mission Trip

Sheila McCracken, daughter of Barbara McCracken, went on a Mission Trip to Peru and recently returned. Barbara McCracken, wanted to share the great news of her daughter’s trip with those who helped support Sheila in her mission endeavor.

The group visited two small villages. While there, 154 heard the gospel and 87 made a Profession of Faith in Christ! They strengthened two small churches, started small groups of discipleship and had 66 in attendance. They also had 21 follow-up discipleships in people’s homes.

What a blessing their mission team was and what a GREAT HARVEST for the Lord!

Preteen LIT Mission Trip

Wednesday, June 11, 2014:

FBC Church Family:

You’d be so proud of our preteen missionaries in Ft. Worth this week. They are representing Christ, FBC Pflugerville, and their families well. I am so proud of them. God is using each of our 13 preteens to minister life & the love of Christ to the least of these in Ft. Worth.

We are working & serving at two ministry sites this week: one in the morning (with just our FBC team) and one in the evening (with our friends from Travis Avenue Baptist Church). God is working. I’ve watched our students share Christ boldly, counsel children & lead them to faith in Christ, minister life & encouragement to children & hurting families, and go the extra mile to serve & build relationships with these beautiful children. It’s incredible to see God using them for His glory.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team. I’ve got great adult leaders giving support & leadership & a godly example to these students. They are Melissa Salinas, Tammy Hutchinson, and Michelle Treder (who is also cooking this week for our team.

In case you need reminding, here’s the names of our LIT student missionaries as you continue to faithfully pray: Brenna Woods, Jordan Burnett, Jordon Erickson, Sarah Rogers, Hannah Sundsvold, Sydney Swain, Hayden Shellenberger, Hailey Beatty, Hannah Rogers, Meredith Nelsen, Josh Irby, Scott Hutchinson, and Cameron Fletcher. We have two more days at each site. Please pray for God to continue to work mightily through these students. Pray for their strength & focus & purpose to stay strong.

Thank you for supporting & loving these preteen students with your prayers & resources, FBC Pflugerville family. They are making an impact & a difference, in part because of you! Thanks you. We love you.

Bro. John

John A. Woods
Children’s Pastor
FBC Pflugerville
Matthew 5:16

Revolution Student Ministry Mission Trip

Denver / Littleton, Colorado: June 14-20, 2014

Mission Trip Update – Tuesday, June 16th

Our kids have done an incredible job so far serving the people of Littleton, Colorado! We have been working with the Bridge Church, a new church plant in the area, and we have experienced the challenges they face on a weekly basis of working on “rocky soil.” (Hardness of people’s hearts).

Monday was full of hardships, setbacks, and challenges. After passing out nearly 4000 door hangers advertising our morning kids club, we didn’t have one kid show up in the morning. Later that afternoon, the church called us and told us they couldn’t get access to the trailer with all of our block party equipment in it. They recommended we cancel for the night. With the encouragement of our leaders the kids decided this would not be an option! We chose to go ahead with the block party without our equipment, not knowing if we would have one person show up. Oh how The Lord is faithful! We had over 20 people from the community join us and fruitful conversation was had with each of them.

Our job is to plant seeds and that is exactly what God allowed us to do. Spiritual warfare is being waged here in Littleton but praise Him who has the ultimate victory! The kids have served this area well and will continue to. They are quite energized after such a successful night yesterday. Please continue to pray that we could reach this area with the good news!