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Staff Directory

Name Position Contact
Debbie Bennett Senior Pastor/Music/financial Secretary Email
Collin Busbee Building Maintenance Coordinator Email
Jon Grimes Building Maintenance Assistant
Jo Hamilton Childhood Education Secretary Email
Lynda House Women's Ministry Leader Email
Joe Towns Men's Ministry Leader Email
Bob Parker Adult Ministry Assistant Email
David Propst Grounds Maintenance
Carrie Roddy Wee Ones Preschool Director/Church Preschool Coordinator Email
Alan Shryock Building Maintenance Staff Email
Karen Small Education/Admin/Student/Financial Secretary Email
Rachel Busbee Building Maintenance Email
Glenn Wucher Building Maintenance Assistant
Daniel Roucloux April 3, 1995 25 years
Alan Shryock March 12, 1998 22 years
Mike Northen April 20, 1998 22 years
Carrie Roddy August 1, 1998 22 years
Jo Hamilton October 29, 2001 19 years
Karen Small June 23, 2007 13 years
John Woods March 9, 2008 12 years
Matt Downing August 15, 2010 10 years
David Propst September 6, 2012 8 years
Collin Busbee February 2, 2015 5 years
Daniel McGinty April 6, 2015 5 years
Debbie Bennett January 9, 2017 4 years
Rachel Busbee July 27, 2020
COVID-19 Updates

Sunday morning worship and Grow Groups will be online & in-person for October 18th. Both music services will be meeting. Other regular in-person activities are slowly resuming.

Please visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for more details.