Texas Baptist Men Builders


TBM Builders is composed of Baptist men and their wives who volunteer their time to help churches, Baptist encampments and other Baptist entities for the sole purpose of bringing Glory and Honor to God. The retiree builders travel at their own expense to donate their services with a desire to win the lost to Christ.

Join the Texas Baptist Men Builders and put your retirement years to work for Christ!

  • General carpentry
  • Masonry work
  • Electrical wiring
  • Cabinets making
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture building
  • Disaster relief functions

If you can use hand tools or power equipment, you are qualified. You will be working with experienced men and women in a Christian atmosphere. The TBM mission is to go wherever we are invited to help Baptist churches and organizations build and equip facilities they otherwise could not afford.

You will travel at your own expense to job sites within Texas and throughout the United States and Canada. Projects include building church units, camp ground facilities and other special needs of Baptist Churches and other Baptist organizations. The Disaster Relief group has also been active in the Tsunami relief effort in South Asia.

The wives and other women volunteers do missions activities with groups in the local area of the project site as well as sew, quilt and do crafts to support the local organization. They also do meal preparation and other support.

The project duration for the various groups within TBM, except for the Furniture Builders, is usually about 2 to 3 weeks. The Furniture Builders normally are on a project site about 2 months with personnel coming and going as their individual schedule permits. The various groups have tool trailers that are fully equipped to support the work at their project site. Almost all the families live in RV’s and parking with facilities is provided at each site.

If Interested in Joining the Ministry, Call the Church Office at 251-3052.

More information is available on the Texas Baptist Men Retiree Builders web site