Connection Points

Date Title (Click to WATCH)
01/19/2020 In a Galaxy Near you…
01/12/2020 We are ALL Human…
01/05/2020 Let’s Play to Win!
12/29/2019 A LIVE New Year
12/22/2019 Explore the Nativity
12/08/2019 Worship Through Generosity
12/01/2019 Give Thanks!
11/24/2019 BE the Gift!
11/17/2019 Everything from A to Z
11/10/2019 Christmas is Coming Soon!

In a Galaxy Near you…

…a blockbuster Men’s Bible study premiering soon!

We are ALL Human…

…but we can ALL make a difference in our church!

Let’s Play to Win!

Our kids need a new playground and you could help make that possible

A LIVE New Year

With a new year starting, we have ways to start it right!

Explore the Nativity

Go deeper into the Christmas Story this season with RightNow Media.

Worship Through Generosity

Spread the love this season to your community, through YOUR Church.

Give Thanks!

It’s officially Christmas-Christmas Season!

BE the Gift!

There’s lot’s to be merry about this season!

Everything from A to Z

This holiday season don’t get lost in the jungle of activity.

Christmas is Coming Soon!

Christmas Cafe Tickets, Operation Christmas Child, and fellowships all coming down the pipe.