COVID-19 related changes: COVID-19 Updates


Date Title (Click to WATCH)
03/23/2020 Latest Covid-19 Update
03/16/2020 Our Church’s Plan for COVID-19
01/05/2020 New Life is for EVERYONE!
12/22/2019 Look at God Work!
11/03/2019 Baptisms 11-3 & 11-10
10/27/2019 Baptisms 10-27-19
09/22/2019 Baptisms 9-22-19
08/12/2019 Baptisms 8-11-19
08/11/2019 Preteen Testimonies 2019
08/11/2019 Youth Testimonies 2019

Latest Covid-19 Update

Pastor Steve talks about the latest updates on our online reach as a church and what’s coming next.

Our Church’s Plan for COVID-19

Pastor Steve shares a little about how we are handling this pandemic as the situation changes and encourages us all to edify and encourage your fellow believers through this trying time.

New Life is for EVERYONE!

God wants to give you a new life… will you let him?

Look at God Work!

New Life is what Christ gave HIS life for and it is beautiful!

Baptisms 11-3 & 11-10

God changes lives for the better and it is a beautiful thing!

Baptisms 10-27-19

When God changes a life, that is an amazing thing to behold!

Baptisms 9-22-19

When God changes a life, it is an amazing thing worth celebrating!

Baptisms 8-11-19

So many Baptisms in one day and such a great testimony to God’s work!

Preteen Testimonies 2019

God has done amazing things through our preteens this summer!

Youth Testimonies 2019

The Youth have some great things to share about their experience with God this summer.

COVID-19 Updates

Please note that most of our activities have been suspended for the near-future. Many groups are arranging online meetings. Our March 29th service will be a livestream-only event.

You can visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for updates on this fluid situation.