Baptisms 8-11-19

So many Baptisms in one day and such a great testimony to God’s work!

Preteen Testimonies 2019

God has done amazing things through our preteens this summer!

Youth Testimonies 2019

The Youth have some great things to share about their experience with God this summer.

YOUTH Testimonies 2018

Watch how God has used our youth this summer in Guatemala.

PRETEEN Testimonies 2018

Hear how God used our preteens this summer to make a difference in their world.

Preschooler Coaches Kids Pastor!

Watch the Kids Pastor get whipped-into-shape by two preschool coaches!

MDO+Christian Preschool =AWESOME!

Discover what your child could grow into at Wee Ones, our Mother’s Day out/Christian Preschool Hybrid.

Henderson Home Reveal

Hurricane Harvey destroyed this family’s house, but many of you stepped-up and built them a new home.

Jesus is Changing Lives!

God is at work and we love seeing the joy he creates in new life!

Baptisms 9/10 & 24

Nothing is more exciting than seeing Jesus change lives!

FBC Pflugerville Newsletter

Stay tuned for a new newsletter format coming within the next few weeks!