COVID-19 related changes: COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: May 29th

Governor Abbott has released businesses to open back up last week and has given guidelines for for how churches can open back up. 

  • Office is NOW open! Make an appointment if you need to stop in. 
  • Church is now meeting in person! There will be no childcare, and grow groups will still be virtual (contact your group leader or email Mike Northen for information:
  • The NEW service start time is 11am until grow groups can start meeting in person. 
  • If you have any concerns about your health, PLEASE stay home! Do not feel pressure to attend; but if you do, bring a mask, and wash your hands. 

In the meantime, we will continue to livestream our services, and stay tuned on what this summer will look like; but as of now, both preteen camp and youth camp has been canceled. Both the kids Pastor (John Woods) and Youth Pastor (Matt Downing) are working on creative alternatives for those activities. Grow groups are still meeting virtually through the Zoom app, and if you would like to join one, email Mike Northen for information: You can find our livestream service on our Youtube channel, Facebook page, and website.

  • Although we cannot worship together in person just yet, we can still remain faithful in our worship through giving by using the secure Give app, or going online.
  • You can always mail your tithe to the church at 306 South 10th Street, or drop it off at one of the lock-boxes at either the Office front entrance or the MPB small entrance on the southeast side. 
  • If you have a need, call the office 512-251-3052, and leave a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • The food Pantry has a few resources available for church members and if you need assistance with having groceries delivered you can contact your deacon. 

View the latest message from Pastor Steve:

A Message From Pastor Steve:

Those of you who do plan to come this Sunday need to be aware of these seven guidelines:

  1. ARRIVE EARLY. Although the worship service won’t start until 11:00, entering the worship center is going to be a slow process. As you have already experienced while shopping, we will form a line, families standing six feet apart, and entering the worship service one family at a time. Grow Group leaders are asked to end Zoom meetings in ample time to allow people to arrive on campus by 10:30 to 10:40.
  2. WEAR MASKS. We understand that some have grown comfortable not wearing masks, but there are many others who are not comfortable being around those who do not wear masks. So for the comfort of ALL in attendance, we are asking kindergarten age children on up through senior adults, please wear a mask. If you forget to bring a mask, one will be issued to you before you enter.
  3. OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING. Again, we ask that attendees be considerate of others. To some extent we will all be on the honor system. While standing in line we can certainly visit with others as long as we maintain six feet of distance. Once we enter the worship center we will be seated by families on every other pew and six feet apart from other family units.
  4. WAIT TO BE SEATED. Members of our Greeter and Usher Teams are volunteering to help with this task. Family units will be seated one at a time in the worship center according to the social distancing guidelines above. Some senior adults cannot navigate the slanted floors and will be seated in the back of the room. All others be seated from front to rear of the room. It’s doubtful that anyone will be seated in their favorite seats.
  5. SHORTENED SERVICEBecause of the increased of time required to move people in and out of the worship service, an attempt will be made (initially) to hold the service to 45 to 50 minutes.
  6. WAIT TO BE DISMISSED. At the close of the service, members are asked to remain seated until the ushers are able to dismiss one row at a time. This process will start at the rear of the room and move toward the front. Once in the mall area, members are asked to quickly make their way out of the building. An attempt should be made not to congregate and fellowship inside the building.
  7. TITHE AT EXITS. Since passing an offering plate violates social distancing protocol and also requires members to touch the same surfaces as others, receptacles will be placed at the exits for members to drop their tithes as they exit. Of course, on-line giving is still available through the Secure Give app, and boxes are still available at many of the facility doors.


COVID-19 Updates

Our May 24th service begins at 11:00am and will be accessible online and in-person (with precautionary measures in place). Other in-person activities are still suspended indefinitely.

Please visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for more details.