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Grow Groups

Preschool Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Babies (0-6 months) Preschool Staff Bldg B-6
Babies (7-12 months) Preschool Staff B 7
1 Year Olds Angela St. Clair / Monica Beltran B 1
2 Year Olds Brandon & Jennifer DeVries / Matt & Brette Kuban B 2
3 Year Olds Lori & Chris Melton / Evan and Kandi Zoss C 3
4 Year Olds Jennith & Wes McCarty C 1
Kindergarten Wally Wingfield / Christie Smith C 9/10
Children Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
1st Grade Susan Miller Smith / Dawn Grimes C 7/8
2nd Grade Cheryl Moffett / Jennifer Woods C 11/12
3rd Grade Leah Melton / JaNett Hill C 25
4th Grade Ann Schubert / Audra Lucas C 14
5th & 6th Grade Michael & Amanda Beatty / Orion & Inna Shanahan C 20/22
Middle School Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
7th Girls Rose Marie Dillon Swain Student Ctr.
7th & 8th Boys Aaron Rogers / Samuel Cox Swain Student Ctr.
8th Girls Deborah Rogers / Heidi Cox Swain Student Ctr.
High School Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
9th Girls Terri Shellenberger / Annie Krawcyzk Swain Student Ctr.
9th & 10th Boys Mark Reagan / Shelby Shellenberger Swain Student Ctr.
10th Girls Kelly Reagan Swain Student Ctr.
11th Girls Melody Downing Swain Student Ctr.
11th Boys Steve Swain Swain Student Ctr.
12th Girls Michelle Swain Swain Student Ctr.
12th Boys Mark Hutchinson / Felix Amaro Swain Student Ctr.
Singles Grow Group
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Singles (ages 30+) Judy Wible / Daniel McGinty Lancaster House Annex 1
Adult Grow Groups
Class Teacher Deacon Location
Family Dept. 1 Wes & Jessica Pryor Gunter/Pryor Fellowship Hall
Family Dept. 2 Aaron Nelson / Chris Willis Nelsen Fellowship Hall
Family Dept. 3 Jeremiah Cheney Shellenberger / Rogers Fellowship Hall
Adults 40-55 David Fiebig Stallings / Lewis House Annex 2
Adults 45-60 Russell Woodward Ruiz / Holder/ Woodward House Annex Main
Adults 55-70 Mike Small Carlson / Small WC East
Single Moms Sallie Northen Reagan / White WC West
Ladies 4 (60+) Katha Kirkland Fletcher MPB 7
Adults 45-70 David Steiniger Hamilton / Johnson / Sanders /Aurispa Choir Suite
Adults 45-60 Brock Bell Grimes / LaGrone MPB 5
Adults 50-65 (Deaf Interp.) James Carter Studebaker MPB 1
Ladies 55+ Mickey Walden Hankins / Saenz MPB Main, SE corner
Adults 65+ A Rex King Jernt / Parker MPB Main, SW corner
Adults 65+ B Roger Leathers / Wendall Reaves Leathers MPB 6
Adults 70+ A Ted Bosworth Killingsworth MPB 4
Adults 70+ B Jack Jennings / Ben Horton Grimes MPB 8
Adults 70+ C Buster Shelton Hansen / Hearin / Shelton MPB 0
Spanish-Speaking Joe Medina Aurispa MPB 2
COVID-19 Updates

Our May 24th service begins at 11:00am and will be accessible online and in-person (with precautionary measures in place). Other in-person activities are still suspended indefinitely.

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