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updated 09/12/21

Pastor Search Information

NOTICE – Pastor Wes’ first Sunday with us will be September 26th.
This will be a Covenant Confirmation Worship Service for the Church and Pastor Wes to covenant with each other to follow God’s plan to be a New Testament church. The Service will also be a special occasion as his Grandfather, Dr. Jimmy Draper, will bring a Biblical message to give us a commitment to the future of FBCP under Pastor Wes’ Shepherd leadership.

Read the Covenant by clicking here.

Here are some things we are asking you to do in preparation for that Sunday:
   1) Plan to Be in Attendance and call other members to ask them to attend.

   2) Write a note or give a card for Pastor Wes and Bethany to be included in a notebook that the Pastor Search Team will present to him. You can send your note by email to or bring it to the Church Office or to the table in the Worship Center hallway. Please submit your notes by Sept. 23rd.

   3) Welcome Fellowship – watch for the announcement of the date and be prepared to bring a Gift Card (we suggest a Visa card so it can be used in multiple places.) This is a Change of plans from what was announced Sunday.

NEW PASTOR NEWS posted August 29th

With an overwhelming 99.7% vote in favor, First Baptist Church has called Wes Wilkinson as our new Senior Pastor!

Our church has prayed, sought after God, we have visited Wes and Bethany and then after hearing him preach we have voted to call Wes as our Senior Pastor.  Wes, Bethany and Jessie have felt the outpouring of love from FBC Pflugerville and we urge you to continue showing that affection and excitement as they transition from College Station to Pflugerville.  

Throughout Wes’ meetings he has iterated the same 4 items as the only things on his agenda right now. They are to:

1. Know Us

2. Love Us

    3. Shepherd Us

  4. Pray for Us

If you were unable to meet Wes or review the brochure and would like to learn more about Wes Wilkinson, our new Senior Pastor, please see the EBook by clicking here.  


Pastor Steve has Retired as our Senior Pastor effective on Sunday Oct. 25, 2020

See Information Below on the Search for our next Senior Pastor


– Pray for Pastor Search Team

   *  Brock Bell  *  Dawn Grimes  *  Roger Killingsworth   *  Annie Krawczyk 

           *  Josh Shoemaker  *  Mark Vigil  *  Mickey Walden 

Prayer Meetings –
As we seek God’s Will through this Time of Transition in the Search for our next Pastor.


Approved Pastor Search Process
Daily Prayer Guide (Booklet Form)
Pray for 5 Card


Expected Process for Calling our next Senior Pastor

  1. Calling of an Interim Pastor – Completed. David Smith was called as our Interim.

    1. The Transition Team with the endorsement of the Deacons will recommend to the Church the election of an Interim Pastor at a Called Business Meeting.
    2. The Called Business meeting will be announced around 2 weeks ahead of the date chosen to discuss the Transition Team’s recommendation.
    3. The plan is to elect an Interim before Thanksgiving.
  2. Discovery Groups and Surveys – Completed

    1. In January 2021 groups will meet with Pastor David to discuss the Pastor Search Process followed by a Business meeting on February 3 to approve that process.
    2. In February groups will meet with Pastor David to discuss the Pastor Search Survey to learn information of what the Church would like to see in our next Senior Pastor.
    3. Once the Pastor Search Process has been approved in a Called Business meeting another Business Meeting will be called to submit names for the Pastor Search Team.
  3. Pastor Search Team – Completed

    1. Names will be submitted by Church members at a Called Business meeting following the guidelines established in the Church approved Pastor Search Process.
    2. Their Orientation and Training will be provided by the Interim Pastor.
    3. They will announce how resumes will be received and collected.
    4. They will process resumes and do discovery interviews of a Pastor candidate.
    5. They will give the Church regular progress reports on the search and how we can pray for them.
    6. When the Search team is ready to present a candidate to the Church, the Team will announce a weekend for us to consider asking him to be our Senior Pastor.
  4. “View of a Call” weekend – This weekend will include but not limited to these items:

    1. Get acquainted with the candidate and his family in fellowship meetings including a Q & A time.
    2. Hear him preach.
  5. A Business meeting will be called to vote on whether to extend a “call” to the candidate to be our Senior Pastor.


  • Our Leadership that will guide us through this time:

    • Transitional Interim Pastor – David Smith was Called as our Transitional Interim on Dec. 6, 2020.
      Call Debbie at the Church Office (512-251-3052) or email her at to make an appointment to meet with him. Tasks listed hereCovenant Agreement
      David’s Personal Background Information-

    • Ministers – Daniel Roucloux; Matt Downing; John Woods; Daniel McGinty; Mike Northen
    • Transition Team
      • Personnel Team – Steve Thomas; Bill Gibbens; Joleen Freres; Darelle White; Shelley Helyer; Joe Towns
      • Deacon Representatives – Kevin Ruiz; Darelle White
    • Pastor Search Team – The Church Selected on February 7, 2021 –
      Brock Bell * Dawn Grimes * Roger Killingsworth * Annie Krawczyk * Josh Shoemaker  * Mark Vigil  * Mickey Walden  
    • Deacons – Find Deacon Names for each Adult class click here – (scroll down for Adult list)
    • Finance team – Janice Bullard; Susan Collins; Gordon Mackey; Glenn Wucher; Warren Smith; Bobbie Durkee
    • Adult Grow Group Leaders – Find Teacher names click here – (scroll down for Adult list)
  • Explanation of Team Responsibilities:

    • Transition Team

      • does not search for our next Senior Pastor. That task will be assigned to a Pastor Search Team that the church will select.
      • is assigned to recommend to the church for consideration an Interim Pastor.
      • meets monthly with the Interim Pastor for updates on his work and performance evaluation.
      • brings a recommendation with the endorsement of the Deacons to the church to consider approving a Pastor Search Process which will be our guide for:
        • selecting a Pastor Search Team
        • the Pastor Search Team in the search, selecting and presenting a candidate to the Church.
        • the Church on what is required in order to extend a invitation to a Church approved candidate.
    • Transitional Interim Pastor

      • will not be considered as a candidate to be our next Senior Pastor.
      • his tasks are listed here – Covenant Agreement
      • he is specifically trained and has experience as an Transitional Interim Pastor
      • he brings an objective perspective on what and how to lead us during the transition period
      • he is only temporarily serving FBCP until our next Senior Pastor is selected and begins his ministry at FBCP.
    • Pastor Search Team

      • will be selected by the Church according to the guidelines listed in the Church approved Pastor Search Process.
      • the Interim Pastor will share with the Church a report from the Discovery / Listening groups and surveys of the recommended characteristics (profile) of what members would like to see in our next Senior Pastor.

      • the Team once selected by the Church will be trained by the Interim Pastor and then proceed with their search for our next Pastor
      • They will make regular reports to the Church on their progress.



Pastor Steve has Retired as our Senior Pastor effective Sunday Oct. 25, 2020

  • Church Theme: Strong Together . . . Looking Forward” Deuteronomy 31:8
    • We can be Strong because God is strong. We can Look Forward because God shows us the way.
      “The Lord Himself goes before (ahead) of us and will be with us. He will never leave us nor forsake (abandon) us. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8 (NIV)

Recent Updates

Due to water leaks on campus, the Pastor Discussion session for Saturday has been cancelled and changes have been made to the Sunday morning schedule. Please visit for more details.