The Humble Church pt. 4


Let’s set aside any complaining attitudes so that the light of Christ may shine bright.

We must do all things without grumbling or disputing:
  • Against the Lord
  • Against Church Leadership
  • Against Each Other
  • In ALL things
Instead of Grumbling and Disputing we must:
  • Walk in firmly resolved faith
  • Respond in complete submission
  • Rejoice with great joy
  • Rightly relate to one another
  • With Honor
  • Out of Love
  • In Humility
  • Confronting Biblically
  • Fleeing
We must not grumble or dispute so that:
  • We outwardly reflect our identity in Christ
  • We shine as light into the darkness
  • We hold fast to the Word of Life
  • We hold out the Word of Life
  • We will stand proud on the Day of Christ

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