Missed our Sunday morning service? You can still watch it here

Connection Points

Can I Get an Amen?

Can we all just agree that these are surreal and bizarre times?

It’s Time to Build!

Be sure to reserve your Virtual VBS Family Experience kit for FREE today!

Patriotism is Needed More Than Ever!

We could all use a boost in our patriotism right now and show appreciation to our Veterans.

Summer is Coming Alive!

Things are starting to come back into full swing, so be sure you stay in the know!

Pastor Update: “Together Again!”

Our first Sunday back was a meaningful time of worship and we want you to know what to expect if you were not there.

COVID-19 Update: Open-up the Doors!

Pastor Steve goes through what you can expect for our reopening Sunday, May 24th.

Covid-19 Update: Looking to the 24th!

We are on track to have our first in-person service on Sunday, May 24th, but we’ve got lots to do between now and then.

COVID-19 Update: Exciting News!

Office is opening back-up, and in-person services start May 24th, but let’s continue to learn how to be still.

He Was So Surprised!

So good seeing all your smiling faces in one place!

Real Hope Lives…

…because Jesus Lives in you! so don’t be shy about sharing that transformation truth the WHOLE month of April!

COVID-19 Updates

Sunday morning worship and Grow Groups will be online & in-person for October 18th. Both music services will be meeting. Other regular in-person activities are slowly resuming.

Please visit our COVID-19 page and our Facebook page for more details.