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Living a Life Pleasing to God


God has called us to MORE than we can imagine.

1) More Holiness (1-8)
2) More Love (9-10)
3) More quietness (11,12)
4) More hope (13-18)

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A Fully Surrendered Life

Imagine if you gave God the control.

Acts 16:6-15

The Well Digger

God is powerful, gracious, and faithful to see us through difficult times as we pursue his calling on us.

Genesis 26:1-21

In View of a Call

Wes Wilkinson delivers a message about how we should respond in a biblical way to fearful situations. 

2 Chronicles 20

The Testimony of Our Bones

When was the last time you took a risk that may have looked ridiculous to the status quo?

2 Kings 13:21-25

Unveiling the Mystery of Relationships pt.3

Communication that Builds Up Instead of Tears Down Our Relationships.

James 1:19

Unveiling the Mystery of Relationships pt.2

How to Protect Our Relationships From the Enemy’s Attack.

Genesis 3:1-6

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